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U Turn is the Telugu/Tamil remake of a Kannada suspense thriller of the same title. Samantha Akkineni, Aadhi Pinisetty, Bhoomika Chawla, and Rahul Ravindran played lead roles in the film. It was produced by Srinivasa Chitturi and Rambabu Bandaru and directed by Pawan Kumar. The film was released worldwide on 13 Sep 2018.

U Turn Story

An investigative journalist, Rachana (Samantha), researches the traffic violators who move the concrete blocks on the divider of the RK Puram flyover to take a shortcut. She tries to contact the first person on the list and finds out that he has committed suicide. As the police investigate the case, she learns that everyone on her list has committed suicide. She becomes the prime suspect in a case she does not know. How she proved her innocence and what is the reason behind the suicides form the crux of the story.

Story Analysis

U Turn is a faithful remake of the Kannada original. The original version was made within a limited budget and this time the film is technically far superior to the original. Pawan Kumar earlier said in an interview that this is an improved script and but the film doesn’t have many changes. Some changes were made keeping the commercial aspects of the film in mind. The first half is intense and gripping. The film establishes characters and then slowly moves into the thriller elements immersing the audience in the plot. The second half has multiple conflicts and the suspense raises towards the climax. The love story is a subplot and doesn’t have much importance in the story. The entire story revolves around Samantha and all other characters have limited scope.


This year has been successful for Samantha. She is growing as an actress film after film. She has done bubbly girl roles for the majority of her initial career depending mostly on glamour. But nowadays she is selecting scripts wisely to prove herself. Samantha is impressive in her role. Aadhi Pinisetty has a serious but one-dimensional role. He is convincing as an honest police officer. Rahul Ravindran doesn’t have any scope for acting and his role is just padding to the film. Bhoomika appears in a crucial role and she is superb in her role.

Technical Analysis

The script has not been changed much from the original version. The production values are great. The cinematography is great and the visuals are rich. The camera work is better than the original version. The background score elevated the mood and intensity. The choreography for the Karma song has already received huge applause from the audience. The editing is slick and perfect. The film translates from scene to scene without any drag. The direction is top-notch and with a sufficient budget, Pawan Kumar is capable of making commercial films too.


U-Turn is a faithful remake that sticks to the original story. The film is well made and is an intense thriller. But as the entire film relies on the climax, it is a one-time watch.

U Turn

Director: Pawan Kumar

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