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Telugu Rush is an entertainment website that mainly provides review and analysis of movies. We primarily write about Telugu cinema while occasionally analyzing the Indian and World cinema. Our goal is to provide critical analysis of Telugu movies for audience to appreciate good movies for the right reasons. We promote Telugu cinema globally for the audience of other film industries to understand the classic and contemporary Telugu movies.

Our English website covers Telugu film news, reviews, and analyses. Additionally, we also write about filmmaking tips, technical analysis of movies, legendary Telugu actors, script analysis of movies, fixing flops or below-average films with minor tweaks, top lists, stereotypes and screenwriting tips for specific genres, etc. You can follow our English website through the following link:

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Our Telugu website covers English to Telugu translations, informational content on films, politics, health & fitness, beauty, weight loss, methods to make money online, science & technology, etc. You can follow our Telugu website through the following link:

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Pavan Teja

He has over 10 years experience as a movie analyst in Telugu Movie Analysis. He worked as an internet marketer with experience in web designing, web development, SEO, affiliate marketing, CPA, Youtube, etc. He has been working in Telugu Rush as a content writer for films, politics, health, fitness, beauty, religion, science & technology, make money online, english to telugu translation, etc.

He is working as an assistant director in Telugu film industry (Tollywood) since 4 years. He is working on launching his own production house to produce & direct content-based films. The pre-production work for his debut film is in progress. The shooting is expected to start in the second half of 2023.

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