Telugu Movies 2019: Hits and Flops

Telugu movies 2019 started with disappointing big-budget films. However, medium-budget films took over the industry with good collections. There is a positive buzz for the upcoming films and the audiences are hopeful of a blockbuster summer as in 2018. Overall, 2019 had mixed results in the very beginning. Read the complete article for the list … Read more

Telugu movies download – Tamilrockers, Movierulz, TodayPk, 9xrockers

There are a lot of websites to download Telugu movies and to watch latest Telugu movies online. List of websites to download Telugu movies includes tamilrockers, movierulz, todaypk, 9xrockers, tamilmv and jio rockers. Although Government tries hard to control the piracy, the Telugu films are available on torrents on their release day. Over the years, … Read more

Science Behind Savyasachi

Savyasachi teaser was released today (1st Oct 2018) and is well received by the audience and critics alike. The film is expected to be a concept-based action movie with the central theme of the film revolving around Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Vanishing twin syndrome occurs when a twin disappears in the uterus during pregnancy due to … Read more

Tollywood is in Desperate Need of Producers

The Telugu film industry had a golden age in its early days. Some producers had a taste for good cinema and commercial cinema. The Vijaya Vauhini studio was synonymous with success and the audience used to watch films trusting their banner. Some of the greatest Telugu films including Pathala Bhairavi and Mayabazar were produced under … Read more

Annoying Clichés in Telugu Movies

The Telugu movies are far from real life and the audience no longer expects realistic storytelling from our filmmakers. But some clichés are heavily overused that any film that doesn’t follow them is labeled as an experimental film. The following are some of the most common clichés in Telugu movies. Strong Protagonist The protagonist in … Read more

Title Sentiment in Telugu Movies

The titles of Telugu movies are not randomly chosen to be stylish and appealing. The titles could be related to the story or from lyrics of popular songs or even based on dialogues but this is not the case always. There are many movies in the last two decades of Tollywood which were named after following some … Read more

Visual Effects in Telugu Movies

Visual effects are being used in Indian cinema since the silent era. The folklore, mythology, and horror movies are incomplete without the visual effects. Although the present technology was not available at that time, earlier films have used some tricks and minor tweaks to produce amazing visual effects. The visual effects in Telugu movies have … Read more

Telugu movies 2018: Hits and Flops

Telugu movies have faced mixed results in the year 2018. As some of the big-budget movies are successful, there is a positive wave in the industry, and the latest Telugu movies in 2018 are getting positive buzz. The Tollywood box office collections have drawn the attention of other industries. Overall, it is a successful year … Read more

Latest Telugu Movies Online: Piracy of Tollywood Movies

As the technology of filmmaking is evolving, piracy is getting even more accessible. Nowadays watching the latest Telugu movies online is as simple as recharging your mobile. It may be difficult to find old Telugu movies but it is easy to watch the latest Telugu movies online. Telugu cinema has been constantly fighting against piracy … Read more

The Problem with Film Criticism in India

Film criticism is the analysis and evaluation of films. Unknowingly, several film reviewers consider themselves to be film critics. A film review is related to recommendations for specific consumers. A film reviewer can recommend an action movie for the audience of the Genre by reviewing the interesting elements of the film, while a film critic … Read more