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Savyasachi teaser was released today (1st Oct 2018) and is well received by the audience and critics alike. The film is expected to be a concept-based action movie with the central theme of the film revolving around Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

Vanishing twin syndrome occurs when a twin disappears in the uterus during pregnancy due to miscarriage. The fetal tissue is absorbed by the other twin or the mother. It is not a rare condition and is estimated to occur in 21-30% of multifetal pregnancies. In most cases, the Vanishing twin syndrome may not be known. The follow-up ultrasound scanning can help identify the disappearance of a twin.

The teaser narrates that the twin brother of Naga Chaitanya is reabsorbed in the uterus and controls his left hand. The film is a commercialization of the concept but in reality, the disappearance of a twin may not affect the other twin and the mother. The other twin controlling the left hand is far from reality. There is another medical condition, ‘Alien hand syndrome’ which is not related to the Vanishing hand syndrome. Alien hand syndrome or Dr. Strangelove syndrome is a condition in which a person experiences their limbs acting involuntarily on their own. The term is used for a variety of medical conditions but most commonly affects the left hand. The alien hand syndrome generally occurs due to disconnection between different parts of the brain which control different bodily movements. The people suffering from AHS sometimes give a nickname to the hand to control its movements. Some of them refer to it as another person or an evil twin.

The AHS is used earlier in Telugu films for comedy in films like Gudumba Shankar and Simhadri, where lead actors imitate in certain scenes as if their hand is out of control. These scenes are of short duration and don’t have any connection to the theme or story of the films. A similar theme is used in ‘Evil Dead 2’ where a ghost possesses the right hand of the lead actor and tries to kill him. The film doesn’t showcase the medical condition but is quite popular for its use of a hand acting on its own. In Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film, Dr. Strangelove, a character who suffers from AHS involuntarily does a Nazi salute. Dr. Strangelove syndrome was suggested for the official name of AHS but is not approved. The 2017 Tamil dark comedy film ‘Peechaankai’ is about a person suffering from AHS.

Savyasachi features Naga Chaitanya and Nidhhi Agerwal in lead roles with R. Madhavan playing a key role. Mythri Movie Makers is producing the film, Chandoo Mondeti has written and directed it. The film is scheduled to release on 2nd Nov 2018.

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