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The latest Telugu movie ‘Kaasi’ starring Vijay Antony, Sunaina, Anjali, Amritha, and Shilpa Manjunath is the dubbed version of the Tamil movie ‘Kaali’. Vijay Antony composed the Music and produced the movie himself. Richard M. Nathan is the cinematographer for the movie. Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi has written and directed it. Kaasi was released worldwide on 18th May 2018. Please read Kaasi movie review to know more about the film.

Kaasi Telugu movie review

Kaasi Story

The NRI Bharat is the Chief doctor of Bharat Super specialty hospitals in America. He lives a luxurious life with his family, but a dream haunts him. After learning that he is the adopted son of his parents, he sets on a journey to know more about his biological mother and family. The journey takes him to a rural village and the investigation makes him understand the conditions of the village during the 80s. The rest of the story is about what he found about his biological parents and their village.

Kaasi Movie Story & Character Analysis

Kaasi starts with an interesting premise of finding biological parents. But nothing is engaging after that. The unnecessary subplots fill the whole runtime until the actual story starts in pre-climax. There are 3 flashbacks in the movie, and all of them happen in the same village with the almost same timeline. But the writers failed to interconnect them to narrate the story effectively. If it is done, then the story would have remained a classic.

Several social problems were discussed in the movie such as child marriages and forced marriages, racism, casteism, child labor, social discrimination, etc. Even after having all these things, the story fails to draw a line connecting all the problems. It leads to individual subplots instead of forming a coherent story.

The comedy provides much-needed comic relief in some scenes but doesn’t fit the narrative in most of the scenes. It appears to be a separate track and spoils the seriousness of some scenes. The Tamil nativity in comedy scenes doesn’t suit the taste of the Telugu audience. Nevertheless, the comedy would have worked out if the flashbacks are connected and the story is engaging but that’s not the case. While the audience waits for the story to progress, the subplots and comedy scenes hinder the story.

The Characterization of Vijay Antony is linear throughout the film, and as if it’s not enough, he does nothing in the film which makes him a lead actor for namesake. He neither learns anything in his journey nor changes anything. He remains a spectator to the happenings of the village.

Kaasi Movie Performances

Vijay Antony delivers a settled performance, but he looks tired and dull throughout the film. The romantic and action scenes are not exciting to watch. He looks good in emotional scenes.

Anjali played another casual role. There is not much scope or purpose for her character. Sunaina, Amritha, and Shilpa Manjunath are good in their roles. Madhusudhan Rao had a brief role, and he impresses the audience with his performance. Others have delivered good performances.

Kaasi Movie Technical Analysis

The BGM is flat in the movie and doesn’t provide much-needed elevation in crucial scenes. It worked out very well for the drama but doesn’t impress throughout the movie. The cinematography and editing are not good either. Some scenes appear to be shot in a hurry. The production values could have been better, but we should appreciate Vijay Antony for producing movies based on social reforms. The Direction is average and the shots are not taken care of.

Overall, it’s a flawed movie that could have been a masterpiece if dealt with properly.


Director: Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi

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