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Chi La Sow is a romantic drama film starring Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma in lead roles. Bharat Kumar Malasala, Hari Pulijala, and Jaswanth Nadipalli produced the film under Siruni Cine Corporation. Later Nagarjuna Akkineni backed the project with Annapurna Studios and Manam Enterprises. The actor Rahul Ravindran made his debut as a writer and director with this film. Chi a Sow was released worldwide on 3rd Aug 2018.

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Chi La Sow Story

Arjun (Sushanth) decides to stay single for some time and enjoy life but his mother (Anu Haasan) forces him to get married. She convinces him to meet a girl she has chosen, Anjali (Ruhani Sharma), in their home. She narrates her previous failed marriage alliances over her family issues. After a day-long conversation, Arjun starts feeling a connection with her. But Anjali avoids him for personal reasons. The rest of the story is about how Arjun succeeded in his love.

Story Analysis

The plot is wafer-thin and there is not much to expect other than what is shown in the trailer. Most of the story happens within a night and the film was made on a low budget. There are a lot of nativity issues and the film has heavy references to Bollywood which may not appeal to most Telugu audiences. The film is extremely verbose with the majority of the story told through dialogues instead of action. The character development is excellent as the plot is character-driven. Rahul Ravindran deserves appreciation for developing the heroine’s character as multi-dimensional when most Telugu movies have heroines just for glamour. The characterization of Arjun is linear and his reasons to postpone the marriage are not relatable.

The conflicts used in the film are silly and don’t connect with the audience. The backstory of the heroine and her emotional turmoil is impressive. The second half is stretched beyond the limit without any elements of interest. The screenplay is extremely slow-paced at times and bores the audience to death. Vennela Kishore is a life-saver as his presence adds much-needed humor to the film.


Sushanth is natural in his role and he performed with ease. He is comfortable in his role and his body language is apt for the character. However, his expressions go blank whenever he has to showcase surprise or tension. Ruhani Sharma looks like a girl next door without excessive makeup and shining costumes. She delivered a mature performance. Vennela Kishore lights up the film with his comedy timing and performance. Rohini impresses with her performance in a role that demands elevated expressions. Rahul Ramakrishnan is good in a brief role as a police officer.

Technical Analysis

The story is a very simple one and is not developed well with conflicts. The narration slows down again and again. The dialogues are good and natural. The songs are good, but the background score follows comedy or sarcastic tracks when nothing of that sort happens on screen. The cinematography is good and blends the scenes well into the story. Editing is fine. The production design could have been a lot better. Most scenes look empty as the backgrounds look rigid. The production values are good. The direction is fine but is not enough to make scenes dynamic. The blocking doesn’t make scenes dynamic and the shots appear frozen at several points in the film. The camera movement is also random and doesn’t follow any principles.


Chi La Sow is a good attempt with sluggish narration and poor structure. It is a feel-good film that may impress A-center audiences.

Chi La Sow

Director: Rahul Ravindran

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