Most eligible bachelors of Tollywood

It seems that in comparison with other South Indian film industries, the Telugu film industry has more bachelors. While entire India is looking forward to the marriage of some of our Telugu actors, their marriage is one of the most common questions in interviews. Let’s have a look at the most eligible bachelors of Tollywood. … Read more

How Nepotism ruined the standards of Tollywood?

Telugu cinema has been different until the 80s without nepotism and rivalry. Many youngsters tested their luck out of interest in acting and passion for cinema. Until the mid-80s, stage dramas are common in educational institutions and villages which led to many youngsters choosing acting as their career. Things have changed with the arrival of … Read more

Hacking and Technology: Why Telugu movies always get it wrong?

Have you ever wondered why actors in Telugu movies use non-existent futuristic technology instead of real-life gadgets? And why hacking and technology is depicted as black magic with endless possibilities? The influence of the James Bond series has spoiled a generation of Indian filmmakers. Nowadays we rarely watch movies that showcase reality. The protagonist in … Read more