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The piracy has evolved over time to acquire a huge underground market that is threatening the film industry. There are several piracy websites like Tamilrockers, Movierulz, TodayPK, 9Xrockers, TamilMV, Jio rockers etc for Telugu movies download. It is not a modern problem and the roots of piracy can be traced back to the early days of Indian cinema. However, it has changed over time through a series of upgrades from audio records, VCR, VCD, DVD, Blu-ray to cloud storage. The underground markets are the first to take advantage of any technology and the internet is no exception. While many production houses in India don’t even have websites of their own, the pirated movie streaming sites come up with several domains within a short time. The availability of HD movies within a month of the release is discouraging the audience from watching movies in a theater. Moreover, the mediocre quality of films being made and the monopoly of a few families over the industry has created enormous market for pirated films. The problem is not specific to Indian cinema, as several Hollywood films are facing it too. However, unlike Telugu, Tamil and Hindi film industries, Hollywood has a market all over the world. So, the losses can be compensated through a world-wide release. The most effected film industry is Bollywood as several top stars of the industry are struggling to break even with their films while the low and medium budget films are becoming more successful. The Telugu movies download has lead to the fall of market share and the growth of the industry. The overseas distributors are fearing to bid high on upcoming films. The Tamil movies download is equally serious problem as the industry is struggling to attain its former glory after the humongous success of Telugu film, Baahubali.

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The legality of piracy is still questionable as our laws are not up to date. Moreover, over one-fourth of the population is watching pirated movies, so the strict legal action is next to impossible. The cyber crimes division is struggling to stop the popular websites from exploiting further. This is only resulting in more new websites popping up everyday creating a mess. When the Government blocks a domain, the website comes up with an alternate domain and continues to function. The legal action couldn’t be swift in line with the modern technology. Moreover, only Indian Government takes action on these sites while other countries don’t bother much about them. This helps the users access these websites using Virtual Private Network (VPN) or TOR browser. The situation is similar to controlling a virus using a vaccine. When the virus mutates in resistance to the vaccine, it becomes deadlier. The same has happened with the piracy sites too. Now, they’ve become easily accessible through alternative methods and are no longer in control of the film industry or the Government. The arrival of streaming sites has made the problem worse. Similar to Youtube, the streaming sites provide free access to the movies. Moreover, the apps to these sites are spreading under the carpet making them untraceable. The popular app stores like android and iOS won’t allow these apps due to their terms & conditions. So, these apps are circulated through apk files or standalone apps. While the movie review sites are discouraging the audience from watching movies in theater, the piracy sites are encouraging them to watch movies online.


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Telugu movies download

The Telugu audience are keen on watching more films. So, many filmmakers, actors and technicians around the country see it as a golden opportunity. The huge number of theaters, humongous crowds on first day of release and the buzz surrounding the upcoming films make it a safe opportunity for business. However, the greedy producers exploited the industry for decades and ruined the quality of films to a terrible level. While the countries like South Korea with a population less than Telugu states are proudly making world class films, our producers are still struggling to get return on investment. Moreover, there are hardly any producers who can understand the script and visualize a film. This made most of them remake films from other industries as they can only understand a film by watching it. All these issues contributed to some extent to encourage the audience towards piracy. The hyped films like Saaho and Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy are failing to attract audience. The producers no longer address the issue as they don’t even recognize it. At the end, it is all business and no one cares about the film industry. The producers who no longer see any profits in films are stepping into the digital world through TV shows and web series. However, the piracy exists in all digital mediums from ebooks, online courses, tutorials, software, music, movies, TV shows, web series and even paid to watch content of private websites. Many piracy sites are coming up with subscription models at cheap monthly prices as an alternative to multiple TV channels, OTP platforms and websites. The problem seems to increase at exponential scale unless the quality of feature films increases at an exponential scale.

Tamil movies download

The Tamil film industry has struggled over the years to control piracy and has done everything it can to stop it. However, they failed at an even bugger scale as the direct conflict with piracy sites gave them unprecedented popularity and millions of dollars worth media coverage. While they manage to arrest a few people, the sites remained active and have no effect of the entire issue. Several websites stabilized over the course of time and are reaping the fruits of this popularity. There is a saying that you have to kill a snake with a single hit which is true for Tamilrockers website. The war-like atmosphere between them and Kollywood producers has lead to their monopoly over the market. The Government tried to block them several times but they kept coming back with new domains. Almost all piracy sites tried to replicate this strategy but failed. Several top actors and technicians finally gave up on the problem as they couldn’t find a solution. The lack of technical knowledge among the film fraternity is another serious issue. Most of these websites have security issues and tracking them isn’t that difficult but the filmmakers who can’t differentiate between Google and Facebook may never realize it until the piracy websites improve their security.

List of websites to download latest movies

There are several popular websites to download movies and to watch latest movies online. The list includes torrent sites that provide torrent file or magnet links to share movies, streaming sites that provide embed links to watch movies online and movie download sites that provide direct download links. The magnet links contain information about the file and a unique identifier (hash code). The torrent programs like bit-torrent and u-torrent use these hash codes to download files from the other computers. The computers that contain complete file and allow other people to download are called as seeds and the computers that receive file but don’t let others download from them are called leechers. The entire network works through sharing files from one computer to other. The torrent software are a general file sharing software for regular people. They are not meant to download pirated content. For example, if I want to share a few pics with you, then we can do it through torrent software and magnet links. So, the software like bit-torrent are legal but the users can take advantage of them to share copyright material. The streaming sites store files in some other location and allow users to watch them through embeds. This is the most popular method used by most movie streaming websites. The download sites allow you to directly download files from their server. This is generally risky as the authorities can trace them and file DMCA to take down their website. Among all these methods, sharing magnet links is easiest and is widely used across the world. After a while, it becomes difficult to find the source as the seeds grow like the branches of a banyan tree. The following are some of the most popular piracy websites in India.


Tamilrockers is a piracy website founded in 2011, notorious for their aggressive distribution of movies on release day. They initially started their website with youtube videos and video songs of Tamil movies for download. But as they became popular, they started providing latest movies for download. They had an official Twitter account for several years which helped them reach more audience. Although named after Tamil cinema (Kollywood), Tamilrockers releases Telugu movies, Bollywood movies and Hollywood films as well. They were the only source of dubbed Hollywood movies for several years before other websites took over. Apart from movies, they share television shows, music videos, teasers and trailers of movies. Tamilrockers website shares latest Telugu movies online through magnet links and torrent files, which lets users download files using peer-to-peer network. Almost all internet service providers in India blocked access to Tamilrockers website but they continue to operate using new domains. Recently, the website made it into the list of top 10 piracy websites around the world according to torrentfreak. This shows the rise of their popularity in the world wide piracy networks.

The following are some of the domains used by Tamilrockers website:

The website operates through offshore hosting and outsourced piracy distribution. So, they only share content while several other groups supply them pirated material for a price. They record movies mostly from Chennai using handy-cams on morning show and send the raw footage to Tamilrockers team, who encode, watermark and distribute the movies through their website. The people who record the film send it to multiple torrent sites like Movierulz, TamilMV, TodayPK and Jio rockers. The entire process involves 2-3 groups of people operating either at individual level or through an organization. However, there is no direct communication between them and they process payments through third-party accounts. Whether the theater owners and film distributors involved is debatable. The anti-piracy cell managed to track down and arrest a few people involved in the chain but the site continues to operate. Click here for Tamilrockers website.



Movierulz is a piracy website which is equally popular like Tamilrockers. It is relatively old website and spread under the carpet without drawing too much attention. So, some people argue that it has more audience when compared to other piracy sites like Tamilrockers, TodayPK, TamilMV and Jio rockers. The one thing that separates Movierulz from other sites is that they distribute HD movies for download as soon as they are available. However, the cam prints and DVD-scr prints attract more users. They too offer Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English movies.

The following are some of the domains used by Movierulz website:

The operation of Movierulz is similar to Tamilrockers as it gets pirated films through a common service provider. However, they maintain low profile and avoid social media presence to stay away from the radar of Government. So, in spite of heavy traffic, the authorities rarely target their website. Click here for Movierulz website.



Todaypk is a popular piracy website for downloading Telugu movies. The site contains wide range of movies and has a broad category of audience across the globe. The website has medium range traffic and popularity in Southern India but has a high user retention for Bollywood movies. TodayPK started primarily as an illegal songs sharing website but eventually stepped into movies distribution.

The following are some of the domains used by TodayPK website:

The site offers file sharing through torrent using peer-to-peer network connections. However, it recently gained popularity for Telugu movies download and is rushing to compete with Tamilrockers and Movierulz. But the site has limited audience and the other websites are taking over their market share. According to the market analysts, the website may shut down completely within next 2-3 years. Click here for Todaypk website.



9xrockers is a public torrent website with dedicated users. The site offers Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies. Since several Indian and foreign movies can be downloaded from the site, it is quite popular. The site took a hit when anti-piracy cell tracked down Tamilrockers and the site admins temporarily shut down. But they remained inactive due to the strict actions against the piracy websites.

The following are some of the domains used by 9xrockers website:

They have a loyal fan base and the people still look for them in internet for Telugu movies download. There are several impostors trying to take over their place but failing to get any recognition. Click here for 9xrockers website.



TamilMV is not as popular as Tamilrockers but has a loyal fan-base. The site offers Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and English movies. They are sometimes faster than other websites like Movierulz, TodayPK, Jio rockers and 9x rockers. Although it is not as popular as several others, it has been a target of authorities since long time.

The following are some of the domains used by TamilMV website:

The notorious piracy website kept updating domains so frequently that the Govt used to ban their multiple domains within a day during festive seasons. Still, they kept coming back considering the profits and dedicated users. Click here for TamilMV website.


Jio rockers

Jio rockers is a public torrent website which facilitates illegal file sharing. They are named after popular Reliance Jio network which resulted in a boom of piracy industry. They distribute Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi movies. Apart from file sharing, they update about the movie releases and events.

The following are some of the domains used by Jio rockers website:

They have well-organized categories to attract more users. Jio rockers also shares latest Telugu movies online but they are not popular like several others in the list. Click here for Jio rockers website.



The websites listed here are the most popular sites for downloading Telugu movies. There are several other piracy websites other than those mentioned in the article which have similar function and distribution. Many new websites are popping up everyday. The piracy is evolving at a fast pace into a separate industry of its own with the help of loopholes in the system. They exist only because there is a huge demand for movies and less interest to watch them in theaters. We can totally eradicate piracy if the gap between these two things reduces. As the technology develops, the piracy websites come up with more and more ways to provide free content. Apart from Tamilrockers, Movierulz, TodayPK, 9Xrockers, TamilMV, Jio rockers etc, there are several other websites for Telugu movies download. The filmmakers need to focus on quality and employ skilled technicians to attract more audience. Moreover, the changing trends are showing a decline in overall interest on movies which may lead to the rise of alternative platforms that provide better content. The producers should keep all these things in mind while tackling the problem. We request the Telugu cinema audience to encourage filmmakers by watching movies only in theaters. Keep watching Telugu Rush for more interesting articles.

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