Terrarium TV: The Popular Pirate App Shuts Down

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The popular movie streaming app Terrarium announced that it is shutting down forever. Terrarium is an android app that aggregates movies and TV series mainly from Hollywood. The app allows users to watch them on mobile or TV. The developer of the app, NitroXenon, sent a farewell message to all users on Tuesday without stating the actual reasons that lead to the shutdown.

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The developer has announced that the app will stop working from the end of the month. However, the app has already stopped working for the users who have updated without reading the message. Several users took it to social media to express their reactions while some others are already on the lookout for an alternative.

Terrarium TV is one of the most loved pirate apps because of its direct access to huge amounts of content. The simple user interface and little learning curve helped the app to reach millions of active users within the past couple of years. NitroXenon wasn’t active for several months and finally decided to give it up. He didn’t disclose the reasons for the same. There are speculations about the pressure from authorities or to avoid legal issues in the future. The alternative apps are gaining traction and there are many imposters waiting to exploit the opportunity.

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