Happy Wedding Movie Review

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Happy Wedding is a romance film starring Sumanth Ashwin and Niharika Konidela in lead roles. UV creations and Pocket cinema produced the film. Lakshman Karya directed it. Happy Wedding was released worldwide on 28th July 2018.

Happy wedding movie review

Happy Wedding Story

Akshara (Niharika Konidela) is an independent girl, who is in a relationship with an ad scriptwriter, Anand (Sumanth Ashwin). When they decide to get married, their parents happily agree to it. Akshara is always confused about her life and couldn’t take simple decisions herself. Akshara’s ex-boyfriend Vijay enters her life again as a friend and tries to win her back. After the engagement, Anand starts giving less priority to her over his interests and profession which leads her to confusion about whether to marry him or choose Vijay instead. The rest of the story is about how Anand reacts to her decisions and what happened to their marriage.

Story Analysis

The story is about Akshara and her choices in life. A girl who couldn’t trust her instincts and was confused to take a decision has to prepare for the biggest event of her life, and that is the central theme of ‘Happy Wedding’. The story is pretty simple and straight. There are no commercial elements that help the film to be subtle in its narration and portraying emotional turmoil. The story is refreshing and has no melodrama. There is a single conflict, and that is the confusion of the lead actress, which makes the film predictable towards the end and there are no surprises or twists. There is no chemistry between the lead pair and they are more like close friends instead of lovers.

The director conveys the majority of the scenes including their love story or past relationships through dialogue which spoiled the scope of the drama. The parents are passive throughout the film and remain spectators to the happenings. The story develops purely over the lead actors, so there is no intrusion of friends and family into their life. This has made the entire film unrealistic and dull. There is no comedy or drama to take the story forward. In fact, the story remains where it is for the majority of the film. It seems like a world full of good people where everyone supports the decisions of lead actors whether it is good or bad. The climax is completely nonsensical as if Akshara suddenly woke up from a dream. There is no strong reasoning or logical explanation for her decisions in the climax.

The repeated references of Vijayawada are annoying. Even the residents of Vijayawada couldn’t handle a film talking about it throughout the film. It is forced into the dialogues everywhere and serves no purpose in most places. In fact, the film has nothing to do with the culture, customs, slang, or locations of Vijayawada.


Sumanth Ashwin didn’t change a bit over the years and he remained the same since his first film. The role may demand anything, he performs only what he can and doesn’t bother much about the film. He is good-looking in the film and performs well in the casual scenes but couldn’t impress during either romantic or emotional scenes. Surprisingly, Niharika did well for the most part of the film but the character demands more. She couldn’t convey anything during the scenes of confusion or emotional turmoil. She just stands there with a blank face or cries like a baby. There is no subtlety in the performance of the lead pair.

Murali Sharma, Tulasi, Indraja, Naresh, and Pavitra Lokesh are impressive in their roles. They are natural and performed with ease.

Technical Analysis

The theme is good but the story has a lot of scopes to improve. There are many scenes that neither take the story forward nor reveal anything about the characters. The dialogues are natural and convincing. The songs by Shakthikanth Karthick and the background score by S S Thaman are fine. The art design and production values are top-notch. The cinematography by Bal Reddy is impressive. The direction by Lakshman Karya is good but he should have taken care of other aspects.


Happy Wedding is a contemporary family drama without romance and comedy. As romance or comedy is expected from a youthful film, this becomes a setback. The film strictly talks about urban relationships which may not attract a general audience. However, it is recommended for the audience who like subtle and realistic films.

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