Savyasachi movie review

Savyasachi is an action film starring Naga Chaitanya and Nidhhi Agerwal in lead roles. R. Madhavan and Bhoomika Chawla played key roles. It was produced under Mythri Movie Makers and directed by Chandoo Mondeti. The film released worldwide on 2nd Nov, 2018. Read Savyasachi movie review below.

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Savyasachi Story:

An ad film maker, Vikram Adithya (Naga Chaitanya), is the surviving twin in vanishing twin syndrome. The other twin remains in his body and controls his left hand. Vikram falls in love with Chithra (Nidhhi Agerwal) and she reciprocates the same after clearing some misunderstanding. He gets a shock of his life when his sister’s family meets with an accident and he learns that it was planned. How Vikram protects his family in the resulting mind game and the role of his alien hand forms the crux of the story.


Story Analysis:

Savyasachi starts on a promising note with an interesting premise. The film falls to be a regular commercial entertainer without any delay. The theme is exciting but the writing is extremely routine. The film has two separate love and action tracks that are forcefully mixed. The first half solely depends on the romance and only at the interval, the action part begins. The second half is partly engaging with thriller elements. Furthermore, the mind game is not as good as expected. The pre-climax is interesting and connects the segments. In addition, the climax is satisfactory.


Savyasachi has a decent core conflict but it is not sufficient for a feature length film. The writer fills the first half with average romance scenes which neither help the central conflict nor provides adequate entertainment. The vanishing hand syndrome is not scientific. In spite of being the core concept, the alien hand is not used properly in the narration. The script requires two contrasting characters for Vikram and his left hand for such a script. But the writer didn’t take characterization seriously. The first plot point occurs at the interval. The writer should have avoided it in the first place by making subplots interesting or by developing conflict. Overall, it’s a good theme with average script.



Naga Chaitanya is consistently getting better with each film. He improved a lot in dances and action scenes. He is growing to be a mass hero in his father’s footsteps. His acting in romance and emotional scenes is good. R. Madhavan is an asset to the film and he clearly dominated Naga Chaitanya in the later half of the film. In addition, he brought in a lot of subtlety required for the role. Nidhhi Agerwal looks beautiful on screen but has to work on her expressions. Moreover, she carries a blank expression in some scenes and songs. If she gets better at acting, she has a lot of scope in Tollywood. Bhoomika Chawla is impressive in her limited role. Vennela Kishore plays his regular comic role and he is good at it.


Savyasachi Technical Analysis:

The screenplay is average and the dialogues are decent. The production values are excellent as the film is rich in all aspects. The cinematography is top-notch with pleasant visuals. The background score is good and the songs are decent. ‘Ninnu road meeda chusinadi’ is a mass number and a treat for the fans. The dance choreography is superb as the film offers more than expected. The stunts choreography is good. The editing is decent with continuity in the film. The direction is decent but there is a lot of scope for improvement. Not to mention, the central theme is not reflected throughout the film.



Savyasachi is a regular action film with an exciting premise. The fans and some mass audience may love the film. The film doesn’t offer much but is a decent one-time watch.

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