At Nartanasala (@Nartanasala) Movie Review

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At Nartanasala (@Nartanasala) is a romantic comedy film starring Naga Shaurya, Kashmira, and Yamini Bhaskar in lead roles. It was produced by Usha Mulpuri under Ira Creations’ banner and directed by debutant Srinivas Chakravarthi.

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Naga Shaurya is raised by his father, Sivaji Raja, like a girl since childhood. He grows up running a Women Empowerment Institute to train women to be mentally and physically strong. He is labeled gay for being around ladies all the time. He meets a girl, Manasa (Kashmira), who always gets into trouble because of her kind-hearted nature. Manasa falls in love with him. The rest of the story revolves around how he solves her problems.

Story Analysis

At Nartanasala (@Nartanasala) is a weak story with a small conflict. The first half is aimless and takes too long to establish the conflict until the interval. The gay track is stereotyped as a man behaving like a girl which is far from reality. The comedy is old-school and ridiculous. The movie is extremely boring except for the songs with rich visuals.


Naga Shaurya is good in a stereotyped gay role. Kashmira and Yamini Bhaskar are beautiful and add glamour to the film. Ajay is seen in a brief role and he impresses. Sivaji Raja overacts mostly and his comedy scenes are boring and annoying.

Technical Analysis

At Nartanasala story is weak and the narration is pathetic. The production values are good and the film was shot in some foreign locations. The background score is mostly dull but two songs are good. The editing could have been better. The scenes lack the flow required and look sluggish. The cinematography is good and the visuals are rich. The direction is weak and inexperienced. There is a lot of scope to improve the film.


At Nartanasala is an old school film with outdated characters and comedy. The film fails to hook the audience till the end. The central theme and conflict are not interesting and the film relies heavily on them.


Director: Srinivas Chakravarthi

Date Created: 2018-08-31 11:00

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