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2.0 is the dubbed version of a Tamil Sci-Fi film starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, and Amy Jackson in lead roles. A Subaskaran produced the film under Lyca Productions. S Shankar directed it. 2.0 was released worldwide on 29 Nov 2018.

2.0 Story

The mobile phones in Chennai start floating into the sky and flocking like birds to eventually disappear without a trace. The scientists fail to reason the phenomenon and consider it to be the fifth force. After a few murders are related to the phenomenon, the Government requests Dr. Vaseekar (Rajinikanth) to bring back ‘Chitti-The Robot’ to fight against the force. A humanoid robot, Nila (Amy Jackson), helps him during the process. The rest of the story is about how Vaseekar faced the force and what it has to do with an ornithologist, Pakshi Raju (Akshay Kumar).

Story Analysis

2.0 is a blend of horror and Sci-Fi. The canvas and scale of the film are on-par with Hollywood films. It is far from the regular Indian films, so there is little scope for romance and songs. The film is extremely fast-paced except for a short flashback episode. Around half of the run-time is filled with action sequences, so there is little drama to hold things together. Moreover, the fifth force has no scientific definition, so the possibilities are endless.

The first half starts slow and grows into a thriller with mysterious occurrences happening in the city. There is a limited role for Rajinikanth until Chitti enters, and then it is full-on action until the interval. The interval sequence is good but it breaks the action. The entire action as a single sequence would have been a better interval with the flashback in the second half. However, the action sequences keep the audience craving for more. So, the interval block works in the film.

The second half starts with the flashback episode dealing with a social cause of how birds are endangered due to the radiation of cell phone towers. This is connected to the central conflict of the film. The film then pauses for a brief moment before another action sequence. The climax is both grand and entertaining which reminds the audience of the first part. However, the ending is abrupt without giving time for resolution. The social message is left to the audience. Overall, 2.0 relies heavily on action and visual effects.


Rajinikanth is superb in three roles that have distinct personalities. He showcased subtle differences in the similar characters of Vaseekar and Chitti. 2.0 character is different and he brings back the style quotient to it. The roles never seem to be a single person which is a great accomplishment. Akshay Kumar is brilliant as the ornithologist, Pakshi Raju. His body language is extremely convincing. The hard work and efforts he put into the film are evident. Amy Jackson is perfect in her role as a humanoid robot. She does a brilliant job in action scenes as well as entertainment.

Technical Analysis

2.0 has a decent script with good dialogues. The production values are outstanding. We have never seen anything like 2.0 in Indian cinema before and the producers spent lavishly to make it happen. This is the first Indian film to be shot in 3D and is the first Indian film to have 4D sound. The film set a benchmark in visual effects too. The cinematography is excellent and the visuals are great. The art design is good and there are a lot of details behind everything.

The background score breathed life into the film and gave unique personality to every character. The songs, at least in the Telugu version, are not up to the mark. The editing is good. Shankar is undoubtedly the best Indian director to handle such scripts. He proves again with 2.0 what he is capable of. The film challenges other industries on the technical front. 2.0 raised the bar to new heights and set the standards so high for other Indian directors.


2.0 is a visual extravaganza that redefines the visual effects in Indian cinema. Although the film had over-the-top action sequences, the story binds them together. Overall, 2.0 is a must-watch for its grandeur, scale, and visual effects. Meanwhile, Rajinikanth has Petta ready for release.


Director: S. Shankar

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