Subrahmanyapuram movie review

Subrahmanyapuram is a mystery thriller starring Sumanth Akkineni and Eesha Rebba in lead roles. Senior actors Suresh and Sai Kumar appeared in crucial roles. Beeram Sudhakar Reddy produced the film under Sudhakar Impex IPL banner. Santhossh Jagarlapudi directed it in his debut. This is also a special movie for Sumanth as it is his 25th film. Subrahmanyapuram released worldwide on 07th Dec, 2018.

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Subrahmanyapuram Story:

A meteorite in the shape of Lord Karthikeya falls in the kingdom of Ravi Varma. The king builds a temple under the guidance of an architect. The successors of Ravi Varma continue to look after the temple for generations. After a blunder in following temple customs results in the fury of Lord, mysterious suicides start to happen in the village Subrahmanyapuram.

A staunch atheist, Karthik (Sumanth Akkineni), lands in the village for his research on mysteries surrounding ancient temples. As villagers think about migrating, Karthik promises to solve the problem within 10 days. How he solves the problem and what he finds out forms the crux of the story.

Story Analysis:

Subrahmanyapuram is clearly a rip-off of Karthikeya. They tried hard to hide it but the characterizations, theme, conflict and resolution are all similar to Karthikeya.

The first half deals with the regular life of Sumanth and his friends which is boring and has nothing to do with the central theme. The protagonist does nothing throughout the film and waits for something to happen. The interval sequence is flat and offers nothing to hook the audience. The second half has fillers and the story doesn’t progress an inch until the climax. It is pathetic to watch Sumanth roaming here and there and claiming that there are no clues. The writing is unimaginative and lazy. Overall, it’s a mediocre script without any thrills or chills to engage the audience.


Sumanth manages to pull-off his role without much efforts. Except for a scene or two, there is no scope for him to perform. Eesha Rebba is good in a girl next door character. However, her character is limited during the second half. Suresh delivers a matured performance in a key role. Sai Kumar has a minor role but his performance is impressive.

Technical Analysis:

Subrahmanyapuram has a mediocre script that is totally predictable and offers nothing new. The dialogues are passive and boring. The production values are below average as the scale of the film is shallow. The entire film revolves around a few characters and locations. The cinematography is average and the music is decent. The editing could have been better but is adequate. Santhossh Jagarlapudi does a decent job in execution of the script. He should have selected a better script and taken care of technicalities for a better output.


Subrahmanyapuram is a predictable thriller with average performances and mediocre production values. It won’t appeal to all sections of the audience. Sumanth has to wait for his upcoming film Idam Jagath.

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