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Roshagadu is the dubbed version of the Tamil action-drama film Thimiru Pudichavan. The film features Vijay Antony and Nivetha Pethuraj in lead roles. Fatima Vijay Antony produced the film and Ganeshaa directed it. It is his second release this year after Kaasi. Roshagadu was released worldwide on 16th Nov 2018.

Roshagadu Story

Kumari Swamy (Vijay Antony) is a sincere police officer who becomes an Inspector with honesty and dedication. A local gangster, Babji (Sai Dheena), grows into a high-profile criminal with the help of juvenile criminals. After a personal loss, Kumara Swamy decides to change the criminals instead of forcing them to follow the law. How Swamy succeeded in his goals forms the rest of the story.

Story Analysis

Roshagadu has an interesting premise but the story ends up being a routine Police-gangster drama. Although there is a lot of scope for the action, the director restricted the majority of the film to drama. The love track is subtle and doesn’t interfere with the core plot.

The first half slows down at the very beginning and the slow pacing continues until the climax. The major problem is that the film has drama when the audience expects action and vice versa. The screenplay and execution could have been a lot better for such a novel concept. The film has a strong Tamil flavor which may not appeal to the Telugu audiences. Overall, Roshagadu is a misfire at many levels.


Vijay Antony delivers another subtle performance. However, he still struggles in romance and comedy scenes. The script is tailor-made for him without much romance and comedy. Nivetha Pethuraj looks beautiful on-screen and is decent in her role. Sai Dheena had a very good role as the antagonist. He excels in his role with a brilliant performance.

Technical Analysis

Roshagadu’s script is flawed at multiple levels. The dialogues in the film are flat and don’t convey much about the characters. The production values are decent considering that it is a low-budget film. The music is a disappointment. The cinematography is good. The editing could have been better. The direction is decent but there is scope to improve the film.


Roshagadu is strictly a Tamil film and deals with a tried and tested concept. Although the film promises a lot of action, it disappoints time and again. Overall, it’s an average film meant for audiences who enjoy drama and doesn’t bother about the nativity.


Director: Ganeshaa

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