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Nela Ticket is a 2018 Telugu action comedy film starring Ravi Teja and Malvika Sharma in lead roles. Ram Talluri produced the film on his banner SRT entertainments. Kalyan Krishna directed it. Nela Ticket was released worldwide on 25th, May 2018.

Nela Ticket Story

A careless man living in Vizag travels to Hyderabad to get rid of his troubles. However, he eventually develops animosity with the Home minister. What made a normal guy fight against the home minister and how he faced it form the rest of the story.

Nela Ticket Story Analysis

The film opens with the swearing ceremony of Jagapathi Babu as the Home minister who assassinates his father after the ceremony. Ravi Teja is an orphan who likes to live surrounded by people. He helps the needy and falls into trouble. However, one such problem makes him flee to Hyderabad where he stands against the Home minister.

There is nothing special or new in the story as Ravi Teja himself has acted in similar stories several times. The screenplay has a lot of flaws and lacks flow. There will always be multiple tracks running independently of one another. The majority of the first half has nothing to offer except establishing characters. Additionally, the second half contains unnecessary melodrama which slows down the film further. The heroine (Malvika Sharma) lacks character development and all the scenes involving her are cliched. Moreover, she appears 5 minutes before every song and her role ends after that. There are a lot of comedians including Brahmanandam, Prudhvi Raj, Posani Krishna Murali, Ali, and Priya Darshi. But there is not much comedy in the film. Moreover, Brahmanandam has a cameo and just a couple of dialogues in the entire movie.

The illogical scenes are unlimited and almost the entire story is penned around them. The fights and chases are so predictable that nothing is exciting to watch them. The political scenes like buying MLAs resemble the recent Karnataka elections. So, the general audience may easily connect to them. Overall, it is an out-of-the-mill script with nothing new to offer.

Nela Ticket Performances

Ravi Teja performs his role with ease as he has done it almost his entire career. There are no highs and lows in his role. So, it runs on a comedy, action, song, and emotions sequence. It repeats throughout the film. Moreover, there is no scope for serious acting in the movie. A talented actor like Ravi Teja deserves better movies.

Jagapathi Babu has a flat character without any development. He appears with pride and arrogance for the majority of the film. There is no subtlety required during the beginning and climax sequences of the movie. His character could have been better. Sarath Babu has done a good job and his character worked very well.

Malvika Sharma is not more than a model in the film. She looks beautiful and that’s everything about her role. Moreover, she has little scope to perform and her acting is average. Other actors have limited scenes and many senior actors appear only in one or two scenes.

Nela Ticket Technical Analysis

The production values are good. The limited budget and restricted locations are evident throughout the film. The story and screenplay are the biggest drawbacks of the movie. The dialogues are good and ‘Chuttu janam madhyalo manam’ dialogue sets the tone of the movie. The background music is good but the songs are forgettable. There is nothing special about the stunts. The Editing couldn’t be any better as the scenic order is bad. Additionally, the editor managed to switch between Vizag and Hyderabad effortlessly. The direction is good and he executed some shots very well.


Nela Ticket has an old story with a little entertainment. Overall, it’s a pure Ravi Teja movie with nothing special to offer.

Nela Ticket

Director: Kalyan Krishna

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