Viswasam movie review

Viswasam is the dubbed version of Tamil action film with same title starring Ajith Kumar and Nayanthara in lead roles. Jagapati Babu played the antagonist in the film. Sendhil Thiyagarajan and Arjun Thiyagarajan produced the film under Sathya Jyothi films banner. Siva directed it in his fourth collaboration with Ajith. Viswasam released worldwide on 01st Mar, 2019.

Viswasam movie review

Viswasam Story:

Veera Raju (Ajith) is one of the village heads of Ravulapalem. The villagers respect him for his helping nature. However, he is sad because his wife, Niranjana (Nayanthara), left him and living in Mumbai for 10 years. His relatives suggest him to bring her back. He travels to Mumbai to meet her but learns that his daughter has a threat from some people. Veera Raju decides to stay in Mumbai to protect his daughter. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Story Analysis:

Viswasam comes up with an out of the mill script. We have seen similar scripts in Daddy and Tulasi. It is a regular family reunion film with nothing much to offer. However, the screenplay and screen presence of Ajith made this film stand out. The director knows how to deal with the star and he elevates the film at many instances.

The first half of the film establishes the characters through family drama. After a brief introduction sequence, majority of the first half covers a long flashback. It is a passable episode with a few interesting scenes. As soon as the flashback ends, the film becomes serious in its tone and the interval sequence is very good. The second half has a mix of comedy and action, which is maintained throughout the film. Although the entire film is predictable, it is engaging and entertaining. The perfect blend of family drama, comedy and action works out very well and the film is a treat for mass audience. However, the film has Tamil flavour in abundance which may not appeal to all sections of audience. Overall, Viswasam entertains with a routine story.


Ajith is superb in his role. His performance is subtle throughout the film. His expressions and body language improved the action sequences to a great extent. Nayanthara is perfect for her role and she maintains seriousness throughout the film. The chemistry between the lead pair is very good on screen. Jagapati Babu is excellent in his role. It is a treat to watch him in such serious roles. However, there are limited confrontational scenes with Ajith. Anikha is brilliant as Swetha. Her performance in emotional as well as comedy scenes is very good. The comedy of Yogi Babu didn’t work and it may not appeal to Telugu audience. However, Vivek is brilliant in his role. The comedy scenes work in bits and pieces.

Technical Analysis:

The script is average but the screenplay is good. The production values are excellent. The cinematography is an asset to the film. The rain sequences are superb. The background score is top-notch and elevated the action scenes. The editing is good. The action choreography is top-notch and added so much value to the film. All fights have separate themes and the stunts have a lot of repeat value. Except for a few scenes here and there, the stunts are believable which is too good for a mass film. The visual effects are perfect and blend into the film. The general audience won’t even notice them. The direction is top-notch. Siva knows what he is capable of and how to handle a star. He elevated several scenes solely through his direction.


Viswasam has a routine script with engaging narration. The film is watchable for its performances and stunts. It will be a treat for mass audience and Ajith fans.

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