Thugs of Hindostan shatters the Baahubali dream of Aamir Khan

Baahubali didn’t just create records but also hurt the ego of many stars of Bollywood. While some people verbally targeted Baahubali on several occasions, Aamir Khan targeted the records of Baahubali ever since its release. Dangal was successful to some extent in surpassing the worldwide gross of Baahubali. But the regional collections are not even close to it. Aamir Khan has spent so much time and efforts on his latest film Thugs of Hindostan.

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Thugs of Hindostan production:

Thugs of Hindostan has a star cast of Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and Fatima Sana Shaikh. Aditya Chopra produced the film under Yash Raj films banner with a whopping budget of Rs 300 Crores. Aamir Khan underwent permanent nose and ear piercing for his role. Amitabh Bachchan wore a heavy armour which aggravated his neck and shoulder pain. The promotions of the film are top-notch and the fans called the film as India’s answer to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and Bollywood Baahubali. The teaser and trailer raised the expectations to sky-high.


Thugs of Hindostan release:

The film finally hit the screens on Nov 8 on the occasion of Diwali. It was released in around 5000 screens in India and 2000 screens in overseas which is highest for a Bollywood film. The film has a record collection on its first day marking the highest ever for a Bollywood film. But to the shock of audience, the film is a mess of cliched scenes and predictable narration. The reviews are completely negative and the audience started trolling the film from its morning show onwards. The memes floated over internet and several fans of Aamir Khan abused the director for his terrible execution. Some of them suggested him to work with South Indian film directors for a better output.


Thugs of Hindostan collections:

The collections dropped after the first day and decreased with each passing day. Surprisingly, the collections on Saturday were less than that of Friday. The Sunday collections could be slightly better but Monday onwards the film may result in significant drop of collections. The Hindi version collected 50.75 Cr on its release day, 28.25 Cr on second day and 22.75 Cr on third day. The Telugu and Tamil versions collected 1.5 Cr on its release day, 1 Cr on second day and 0.75 Cr on third day. The Hindi version of the film collected 101.75 Cr, Telugu and Tamil version collected 3.25 Cr and the total Nett. collections are 105 Cr for 3 days.


Thugs of Hindostan is not just a disappointment but shattered the Baahubali dream of Aamir Khan and Bollywood. It is time for Bollywood to realize that audience want content-rich movies and they should rely on good content instead of depending on the stars and promotions. With the budgets and resources, Bollywood deserves better movies.

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