Latest Telugu Movies Online: Piracy of Tollywood Movies

As the technology of filmmaking is evolving, piracy is getting even more accessible. Nowadays watching the latest Telugu movies online is as simple as recharging your mobile. It may be difficult to find old Telugu movies but it is easy to watch the latest Telugu movies online. Telugu cinema has been constantly fighting against piracy … Read more

The Problem with Film Criticism in India

Film criticism is the analysis and evaluation of films. Unknowingly, several film reviewers consider themselves to be film critics. A film review is related to recommendations for specific consumers. A film reviewer can recommend an action movie for the audience of the Genre by reviewing the interesting elements of the film, while a film critic … Read more

Best Telugu Horror Movies

The Telugu film industry has produced movies in all the major Genres and continuously experimented with every new Genre. The family drama, suspense thriller, comedy, fantasy, Sci-Fi, romance, action, adventure, mythological, devotional, horror, spoof, satire, etc are a few to name. Read the article to find best Telugu horror movies. The making of thriller and … Read more

Telugu movies about dreams

Dreams have been a plot device for many Hollywood movies. The Hollywood movies like Inception and The Matrix were based on dreams and can get into Top lists. Dreams can be effectively used as a plot device in any Genre like Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, Comedy, etc. Telugu movies rarely talk about dreams and their relevance … Read more

Spirituality – something that has never been attempted in Tollywood

India has a majestic spiritual past that is recognized and very well respected in the world. The country that has gifted Bhagavad Geeta to the world has never produced a movie that deals with spirituality and after-life in its full glory. Several French and Hollywood movies have attempted such movies, mostly adapting the concepts of … Read more

Apocalyptic fiction in Telugu cinema

Apocalyptic fiction is a sub-genre of science fiction where the Earth’s civilization is collapsing. The post-apocalyptic fiction deals with the remaining world after the civilization has collapsed. The World wars, biochemical warfare, zombie apocalypse, Cybernetic revolt (AI takeover), alien invasion, pandemics, etc are major themes of apocalyptic fiction. Apocalyptic fiction in Tollywood Telugu cinema has … Read more

How Nepotism ruined the standards of Tollywood?

Telugu cinema has been different until the 80s without nepotism and rivalry. Many youngsters tested their luck out of interest in acting and passion for cinema. Until the mid-80s, stage dramas are common in educational institutions and villages which led to many youngsters choosing acting as their career. Things have changed with the arrival of … Read more