Paper Boy movie review

Paper Boy is a romantic comedy film starring Santosh Shoban, Riya Suman and Tanya Hope in lead roles. It was produced by Sampath Nandi directed by Jaya Shankarr. The theatrical distribution rights have been acquired by Geetha Arts and the film released worldwide on 31st Aug, 2018.
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Paper Boy explores the love story of a young paperboy and his love for a rich girl. Ravi (Satosh Shoban) is a paper boy from lower middle class family and Dharani (Riya Suman) is a rich girl, who become friends and eventually fall in love. They get separated after a misunderstanding. How they reunite forms the crux of the story.

Story Analysis:

Paper boy is a regular rich girl, poor boy story narrated without any serious conflicts. The first half is entertaining and gripping but the film falls flat during the second half. The classy narration of the first half is spoiled by the melodrama, bad climax and over action by Bithiri Satthi. The poetic dialogues during romantic scenes helped the theme.


Satosh Shoban is natural as a paperboy. His performance during emotional scenes is impressive. Riya Suman is decent in her role. She is good in the first half of the film. Bithiri Satthi overacts as usual, and that may impress the masses.

Technical Analysis:

The script requires a better conflict and narration. The production values are grand. The cinematography is superb and the visuals are rich. The background score and songs are good. The editing is uneven and random. The direction is flawed. The director impresses at the beginning but fails to maintain the pace.


Paper Boy is another Romeo-Juliet style film dealing with poor boy and rich girl. The first half is good but the second half is unrealistic.

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