Pandem Kodi 2 movie review

Pandem Kodi 2 is the dubbed version of Tamil film Sandakozhi 2 starring Vishal and Keerthy Suresh in lead roles. Raj Kiran and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar played other important roles. It was directed by Lingusamy. The film released worldwide on 18th Oct, 2018.
151 pandem kodi 2 movie review

Pandem Kodi 2 Story:

Balu (Vishal) returns to his village after several years and by that time a minor conflict between the villagers lead into a feud leading into the death of Bhavani (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar)’s husband. The village has been facing a severe drought since last 7 years and Raja Reddy (Raj Kiran) wants to resume the village jathara in order to convince the Govt of their unity and get a dam project. Balu falls in love with a talkative girl, Charumathi (Keerthy Suresh). How Balu gets involved in the feud and what happened next forms the crux of the story.

Story Analysis:

Pandem Kodi 2 starts right after the end of the first part, so there are several characters borrowed from the first part that give a sense of continuity. However, the film would have been better if it was made as an independent film with same setting and characters.
The film never gets its tone right. It starts as an action movie and gets into drama by the time of interval and then again shuffles between action and drama in the second half. The conflict of first part of the film and the sequel are totally different which is a reason for disappointment among many viewers and critics. The first half of the film is gripping with action, entertainment and romance. But the second half lost the track and moves at a slow pace. The plot lacks seriousness until the pre-climax. The makers probably wanted to develop Vishal’s role into a village head to continue the series. The film time and again talks about Vishal taking over his father’s position.
The romance between Vishal and Keerthy Suresh worked out very well and their performances added depth to the characters. Their chemistry is also good on screen. But the unnecessary subplots in the second half ruined an otherwise engaging romance track. Varalaxmi is menacing in the film but however, her character is no match for the ruthless gangster in the first part of the film. There is no element of suspense in the film that could keep the audience on edge of the seat.


Vishal is brilliant in his role and he looks as good as in the first part of the film. Keerthy Suresh has a refreshing role and she is superb in it. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is convincing in her role as a menacing woman seeking revenge. Raj Kiran is as usual good in his role with subtle portrayal of emotions.

Technical Analysis:

Pandem Kodi has an average script with decent dialogues. The production values are good. The cinematography is an asset to the film and the camera work during fight scenes is superb. The background score is scintillating and the songs are decent. The editing is good with a balance of flow in the film. The direction is average and there is a lot of scope to make it to another level.


Pandem Kodi 2 is no match for its first part. However, it is a decent entertainer with routine commercial elements. The film may appeal to the mass audience.

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