Neevevaro movie review

Neevevaro is a crime suspense thriller starring Aadhi Pinisetty, Tapsee Pannu and Ritika Singh in lead roles. It is a remake of 2017 Tamil action thriller film, Adhe Kangal. M.V.V. Satyanarayana and Kona Venkat produced the film. It is the second film of director Harinath after Lovers. The film garnered good buzz after the release of trailer and promotions in Bigg Boss house. Neevevaro released worldwide on 24th Aug, 2018.
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Neevevaro Story:

A blind chef, Kalyan (Aadhi Pinisetty), falls in love with Vennela (Tapsee Pannu), who comes visiting him at his restaurant. Vennela’s family has a debt and Kalyan tries to get her out of financial problems. As the Two make plans for their future, Vennela goes missing. Kalyan takes it into his hands to investigate the case of Vennela with the help of a constable (Vennela Kishore). What Kalyan find in his investigation and the twists that unfold form the rest of the story.

Story Analysis:

The first half of story has a slow pace and is used only to establish characters. The entire first half is actually Act-1 of screenplay which is supposed to have a runtime of around 30 mins but is stretched. The interval twist is gripping and establishes the thriller elements of the story. The second half is boring and predictable. Vennela Kishore provides comic relief which in turn breaks the continuity of thriller elements. The crime investigation doesn’t meet the expectations and the film gets boring towards the climax. However, the climax sequence is interesting but that comes too late. The film is a poorly made investigative thriller that follows the pattern of Kshanam but the messed-up screenplay and sluggish narration are on the flipside.


Aadhi Pinisetty is superb in his role as a blind chef and he is convincing in transformation of the character. Tapsee Pannu does a decent job as a girl who helps needy people but fails to pull off emotional scenes. However, she is miles away from the roles that require intense performance. Ritika Singh is good in her role as a writer and a friend of Aadhi. Vennela Kishore does a good job as a constable. Additionally, his role provides much needed entertainment in boring sequences. Sapthagiri is decent as a patriotic hacker.

Technical Analysis:

Neevevaro has a cliched script and the film depends heavily on comedy in a thriller backdrop. The dialogues are good. The production values are grand and the film has richness in every scene. The cinematography is an asset to the film and the scenes shot in low lighting are good on screen. The music elevates the mood of the film. The editing could have been better and there is a lot of scope to improve the pace. The direction is decent but the director lacks the knowledge of thriller genre. He is good at comedy dramas and he mixed comedy into a thriller script. Moreover, there are many subtle things that need improvement.


Neevevaro is a routine crime thriller which is neither serious in its narration nor gripping in its execution. Overall, it’s a script with a potential to become a good film but spoiled by unnecessary subplots and narration.

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