Mr Majnu movie review

Mr Majnu is a romantic comedy film starring Akhil Akkineni and Nidhhi Agerwal in lead roles. BVSN Prasad produced the film under Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra banner. Venky Atluri directed the film. Mr Majnu released worldwide on 25th Jan, 2019.

Mr Majnu movie review

Mr Majnu Story:

Nikky (Nidhhi Agerwal) rejects several matches and dreams of marrying a guy like Lord Rama. Vikky (Akhil Akkineni) is a chick magnet who avoids serious relationships. They bump into each other during a wedding and start to understand each other better. Nikky initially hates Vikky for his casual relationships but eventually likes him for his personality. But Vikky treats her like a family friend fearing the problems within the family. However, Nikky proposes him and asks him to be her boyfriend for a couple of months. Vikky starts to feel that he is losing his freedom. The rest of the story is about whether Vikky loves her back and how he deals with the relationship.

Story Analysis:

The film starts with an interesting premise but couldn’t sustain it for long. The story is wafer-thin and conventional. The core plot is about a playboy who changes his lifestyle when he meets the right girl. It was told in several movies of ANR, and some other movies like Gokulamlo Seetha and Orange. But what makes Mr Majnu standout is the brilliant writing of Venky Atluri. He maintains the pace and narrates the story in an interesting manner.

First half:

The first half is fun ride with interesting sequences in an emotional family backdrop. However, all of it seems to be fabricated as none of the characters contribute to the central plot of the film. Although audience wouldn’t notice such subtle details and enjoy the flow of the film, these things make the movie seem routine and forgettable. The chemistry between the lead pair is not good and the distance between them is maintained throughout the film. There are no magical moments like that of Tholi Prema. Venky Atluri makes everything seem obvious. The interval sequence is good. Overall, the first half is engaging with racy narration, comedy and family drama.

Second half:

The second half starts with interesting sequences but it soon follows the thread of Tholi Prema and gives a déjà vu feeling. Venky Aturi didn’t get out of his India-London thread and several motifs from his first movie are prominent. This is what makes the second half slow down in spite of good narration. Moreover, the family relations established throughout the first half are left midway and the second half deals with totally new characters. The second half revolves here and there without any conflict and with an obvious climax. So, there is no point of what but the audience only wait for how. The entire burden falls on screenplay to keep the audience engaged throughout the film but it fails at some points.

Hyper Adi is good as a piracy distributor and evokes some laughs. Entire Konda Babu sequence is a speed breaker to the film and spoiled almost half of the film. This is the single major mistake that dents collections at box-office. The climax is gripping but stretched. However, the heroine’s role is messed up towards the climax. Overall, the second half has some interesting scenes but it lacks the flow required to narrate the story.


Akhil Akkineni is superb as a playboy and effortlessly fits into his role. His styling, costumes and acting are in sync. He is comfortable in dances and fights which adds to the tone of the film. He carried the confusion, pain and love through subtle performance very well. Nidhhi Agerwal is good in her role but she didn’t convey the emotions required. The audience could never understand what happens inside the character’s mind and this makes her role confusing. She did a superficial acting in most of the scenes. Rao Ramesh elevates some scenes in the first half through his performance. Naga Babu is good in stereotype role. Priyadarshi is entertaining but his character is just a padding to the film. Subbaraju delivers settled performance.

Technical Analysis:

The story of Mr Majnu is routine but the narration is entertaining. The dialogues are casual and ineffective at many places. The production values are top-notch. The sets and locations look rich throughout the film. The cinematography is rich and visuals are an eye feast. The background score elevates the mood of the film. The songs are effective on screen with good choreography and visuals. The editing is good but some scenes hamper the flow of the film. The direction is good.


Mr Majnu is a regular romantic comedy film with good entertainment. Some scenes in the second half slows down the pace but the overall film is engaging. It is recommended for the fans of romantic comedies.

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