Mehbooba movie review: Love story without comedy and romance

Mehbooba is a Telugu movie starring Akash Puri and Neha Shetty in lead roles. Puri Jagannadh has written and Directed the film. This is a prestigious project for Puri Jagannadh for several reasons, primary being that this is the debut movie of his son, Akash Puri. Mehbooba released worldwide on 11th May, 2018.

Story analysis:

The story is inspired from ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’, which is the second most watched Hindi film in India. In fact, several dialogues and scenes too lifted off the film. As if this is not enough, Puri Jagannadh has inserted reincarnation block with some scenes resembling that of Magadheera. As he stuffed the movie with all these things, there is no scope left for romance, comedy, family drama or action. The entire movie is a single thread of confused emotional drama.

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Almost all the characters in the film are linear without any moral argument. They don’t learn, change or improve over the course of time. They speak and behave alike throughout the movie which is boring and predictable after a while. The cross-firing scenes are ridiculous and they appear to be like kids fighting to satisfy their ego instead of disciplined soldiers. The Puri mark philosophy expressed through several dialogues like that of save tigers is ridiculous and boring. One thing the movie fails to achieve is to make the audience empathize with the characters. Puri Jagannadh has a very good track record of elevating emotions in crucial scenes beautifully, but he fails to repeat it in this movie.

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The character introduction and setting in the first half is good. But the movie goes nowhere as there are no scenes between hero and heroine except the flashback episodes. The dialogue ‘Kanna thandrini intlo pettukuni pakkintodini nanna ani etta antav bey’ is remarkable. The confused narration shifts between good relations between India and Pakistan and patriotism through actions. The flashback scenes completely disorient the audience from empathizing with the protagonist, which spoiled the entire second half of the movie.

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Akash Puri gives his best performance. But the movie appears to be tailor-made keeping him in mind. He looks too young, but the story suits him as a young soldier. His acting in emotional scenes is good.

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Neha Shetty has no scope to perform as her character never leads any scene. She appears elder to Akash in many scenes which dents any scope of chemistry between them.

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Most other characters are good in their roles, but their dialogues are awkward. Most of the dialogues in the movie give a feel of watching a dubbed movie. Also, the partly Hindi dialogues and locations are a bit off for regular Telugu audience.

Technical analysis:

The story and screenplay are bad resulting in not so engaging movie. The songs are good and background Music elevates many scenes. The lighting in many scenes is good with a tint of red. The cinematography is mostly good, but the VFX spoils some scenes in flashback episode.

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The smoke effects worked out very well, but the fire effects look unrealistic. The Editing is good, but in some scenes, it is completely annoying. The cross-cutting scenes during climax are a bit dragged. The stunts are good and the war scenes are well choreographed. The Direction of Puri Jagannadh is very good, and it’s the only thing that improved otherwise mediocre film.



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