Lover movie review

Lover is a romantic comedy film starring Raj Tarun and Riddhi Kumar in lead roles. Dil Raju produced the film. The debutante Anish Krishna directed it.
070 lover movie review

Lover Story:

Raj (Raj Tarun) is a careless guy who boasts of his custom-bike making skills. Charitha (Riddhi Kumar) is a nurse who wants to help others. Raj admits in hospital due to an accident and falls in love with the nurse, Charitha (Ridhhi Kumar), at first sight. She initially avoids him but eventually loves him. A mob targets Charitha and Raj has to protect her at any cost. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Story Analysis:

Lover has an average story which gives away everything and survives on entertainment quotient. There is no suspense or intensity required for the story. The audience already know the entire plot before the protagonist figures it out and there is no threat, so it becomes sluggish. The first half is plain ordinary with a mass hero running after and harassing an ambitious heroine. We have already seen tons of films dealing with such a concept and it only works when the hero has an attitude and the conflict is much bigger than love story. However, Lover lacks both and the comedy drama fills the narrative. The characters of Jaggu (Rajeev Kanakala) and Charitha overshadow that of Raj. In fact, towards the climax, hero does nothing but depends on others for everything but walks like an achiever later. Even with all these plot holes, Lover has beautiful music and romantic scenes which engage the audience for majority of the film. The pre-climax episode is intense and interesting but the climax is wrapped up in a hurry without putting in much thought.


Raj Tarun does a fine job but his slang looks fake. His makeover for the film is good. Riddhi Kumar has done superb job with subtle expressions and natural acting. She is convincing as a nurse. Rajeev Kanakala is impressive in his role. Subbaraju, Sachin Khedkar and Ajay have limited roles. Although their characters are important for the story, they have extremely less screen space.

Technical Analysis:

The story is rehashed from several old movies and most of the characters look fake. The dialogues are good with Rayalaseema accent. The art design is average. The cinematography by Sameer Reddy is a life saver for the film. The visuals are great and maintain the mood of the film. The music by Ankit Tiwari, Rishi Rich, Ajay Vas, Sai Kartheek and Tanishk Bagchi is impressive. The production values are great but it seems like they’ve spent a lot more than what is required. The direction is average and there are many scenes where blocking and composition are bad.


Lover is a regular romantic comedy film with good entertainment, visuals and music. Overall, it’s a time pass movie ignoring regular elements.

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