Chota K Naidu responds to controversy over kissing Kajal Aggarwal

The teaser launch event of Kavacham took place in Daspalla, Hyderabad, a couple of days ago. Kavacham features Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas, Kajal Aggarwal and Mehreen Pirzada in lead roles. The function created a stir among public when the veteran Cinematographer, Chota K Naidu, suddenly kissed Kajal Aggarwal on stage when she introduced him. Although Kajal Aggarwal laughed off the incident, her fans and general public considered it an indecent gesture. Several trolls and memes circulated in internet regarding his similar behavior with other actresses. Some fans even called for a protest against the incident.

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Chota K Naidu finally broke his silence and responded to the controversy in his latest interaction with media. He said that Kajal has been one of his favorite actresses after late Soundarya. He further added that it’s always been a pleasure to work with Kajal and he had worked in several films with her. They know each other for several years and share a wonderful bond as she treats him like her family. He justified the act saying that it was just admiration and appreciation for her work. She shared some news about a wonderful project and he reacted with a peck. He clarified that his reaction was normal.

Kavacham is an action film about a police officer protecting a girl like a shield. Coincidentally, the teaser launch became a venue for a forceful kiss for the actress. Kajal Aggarwal didn’t react about the incident. However, it could spark controversy if she reacts negatively in future.

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