Chinna Babu movie review

Chinna Babu is the dubbed version of Tamil family drama film ‘Kadaikutty Singam’. The film stars Karthi and Sayyeshaa Saigal in lead roles. Suriya produced the film under 2D Entertainments banner. Pandiraj has written and directed it.

Chinna Babu story:

Rudra Raju (Satyaraj) has 5 daughters but even in his 50s wants a son who can look after his family. He marries Two women in hope of having a son. However, his elder wife gives birth to a son. Everyone pampers Krishnam Raju (Karthi) as he is the youngest in the family. He takes up farming as his profession and is proud of it. The daughters of Two of his sisters want to marry him. Rudra Raju asks him to do everything he can to keep the family together. The problems arise as soon as Krishnam Raju falls in love with Neerada (Sayyeshaa). Krishnam Raju has to marry her without dividing the family. Moreover, the cousin of Neerada has differences with Krishnam Raju, which makes matters even worse. The rest of the story is about how he resolves all these conflicts for his love.

Story Analysis:

It is a pure family drama without any scope for other elements. The comedy, romance and action take a backseat leaving most of the runtime for melodrama. The beginning of the film is boring and predictable. However, the film gets interesting as soon as Karthi enters and all elements dealing with farmers are engaging. The film tells a lot verbally about the characters and shows a little on screen. The director didn’t establish the nature of Karthi’s sisters, the differences between their husbands, village politics etc and it come in bits and pieces. They convincingly portrayed how simple and silly things can break families apart. Moreover, the jealousy and comparisons among the family members is good on screen. The people who have experienced such things in joint families will thoroughly enjoy these scenes.
They didn’t properly establish the romance between lead pair. The second half of the film is full of melodrama which may be boring to some audience. After a lot of sentiment, sacrifices and conflicts, the film is wrapped up towards the climax. It is not convincing and the climax could have been better. The comedy in the film is good but is limited. The film is full of Tamil nativity which makes it difficult for Telugu audience to connect to it.


The best thing about the film is Karthi. He carries the film on his shoulders and lives in the character. Sayyeshaa is good within the scope of the character. Satyaraj has a typecast role which he had done several times before. Soori is present throughout the film and entertains the audience. Shatru is good as antagonist.

Technical Analysis:

The story is a regular family drama which reminds us of similar films during 80s and 90s. Moreover, the conflict is not engaging and the director resorts to melodrama to elevate the emotions. It is a tedious task to maintain entire second half of the film over a single conflict. This makes the film predictable and there are no surprises. The dialogues are simple yet effective. The songs are average but the background music is good. The editing and production design are decent. The dubbing could have been better. The production values are impressive. The cinematography is one of the assets of the film and the village is shown beautifully on screen. The direction is average as there are a lot of things that need improvement.


Overall, Chinna Babu is a pure family drama with excessive melodrama resembling that of soap operas. The film is engaging and is watchable for the audience who like family bonding, drama and emotional scenes.

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