026 best telugu horror movies 4 arundhati

Best Telugu Horror Movies

Telugu film industry has produced movies in all the major Genres and continuously experimenting with every new Genre. The family drama, suspense thriller, comedy, fantasy,

023 most eligible bachelors tollywood 1 prabhas

Most eligible bachelors of Tollywood

It seems that in comparison with other South Indian film industries, Telugu film industry has more bachelors. While the entire India is looking forward towards

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Telugu movies about dreams

The dreams have been a plot device for many Hollywood movies. The Hollywood movies like Inception and The Matrix were based on dreams and are

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Are IMDB ratings reliable?

The ratings system is not that popular for Telugu movies until last decade. There used to be reviews on print media which don’t give away

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Stunts in Telugu movies: Then and Now

The stunts in most of the first-generation Telugu movies are based on native martial arts like sword fight, stick fight, musti, khusti or casual street

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Apocalyptic fiction in Telugu cinema

The apocalyptic fiction is a sub-genre of science fiction where the Earth’s civilization is collapsing. The post-apocalyptic fiction deals with the remaining world after the