Best Telugu Horror Movies

Telugu film industry has produced movies in all the major Genres and continuously experimenting with every new Genre. The family drama, suspense thriller, comedy, fantasy, Sci-Fi, romance, action, adventure, mythological, devotional, horror, spoof, satire etc are a few to name. The making of thriller and horror movies requires more mastery over the craft in comparison to other genres.
It is very rare to witness a decent horror flick in Tollywood. Many first-time filmmakers tried their hands-on horror movies with cliched scenes and made the Genre look cheap. But there are some horror movies which are timeless and are very well crafted. Let’s have a look at the best horror movies of Tollywood.

7. Avunu (2012):

The newly wed couple, Mohini and Harsha, move into a new house and soon start to experience the presence of an evil spirit. Mohini senses the presence of the spirit of Captain Raju. Initially Harsha refuses to acknowledge the presence of evil spirit, but he witnesses it in worst possible way. This movie didn’t just rely on major plot. The subplots are interesting and make the film enjoyable. The Direction is an asset to the film as the film accomplished so much within a limited budget.

6. Raksha (2008):

026 best telugu horror movies 2 raksha
This movie is based on Yandamuri Veerendranath’s novel ‘Tulasi dalam’. Though the screenplay is completely different which makes it an interesting watch. Rajeev, an atheist, seeks the help of a conjurer in order to rescue his daughter, who is battling death, due to the black magic. The major plot points coincide with that of Tulasi dalam, but the treatment is different.

5. Deyyam (1996):

After the successful Ratri, Ram Gopal Varma comes up with Deyyam. Murali and Sindhu, a married couple with a 3yo son Chinni, move into a lonely farmhouse. Sindhu’s sister Mahi lives with them. Soon after their arrival, Chinni starts talking to ghosts which is ignored by his mother. Chinni gets killed and after that they learn that the farmhouse was built over a graveyard. The movie gets more and more spookier towards the end.

4. Arundhati (2009):

026 best telugu horror movies 4 arundhati
The career of Anushka Shetty can be defined as before Arundhati and after Arundhati. This is the film that showcased her acting skills. Arundhati learns that she is the reincarnation of her great grandmother ‘Jejamma’ who killed Pasupathi. The evil spirit of Pasupathi awaits vengeance. The rest of the film is about how Arundhati accepts her true self and destroys Pasupathi.

3. Ammoru (1995):

Bhavani, an orphan and a devotee of the village deity Ammoru, marries Suresh. The evil Gorakh, returns from prison to seek revenge on Bhavani for his arrest. The rest of the film is about how Ammoru protected her devotee. This is the film that established ‘Soundarya’ as the star heroine. It is also one of the first Indian films to use computer graphics. Several scenes of the movie became a sensation for the never seen before visuals.

2. Tulasi Dalam (1989):

This is an adaptation of the novel of the same name. Sridhar and Sharada are a happy couple with a 10 yo daughter, Tulasi. Suddenly, Tulasi’s health starts deteriorating and Sridhar being an atheist strictly relies on medical care. As the doctors fail to treat her, his close friend, Abrakadabra, asks him to trace the origins of the problem to save his daughter. As they investigate, their finds lead to witch-craft. Tulasi Dalam was a sensation and its sequel titled ‘Kashmora’ followed the story. Several filmmakers rehashed the story many times and a TV series of the same name also became successful.

1. Ratri (1992):

026 best telugu horror movies 7 ratri
This is the first horror film of Ram Gopal Varma. It was a runaway hit and the success of the film was followed by the trend of horror films in 90s. The humongous success of this film inspired many other filmmakers to experiment in horror Genre. It is considered as one of the greatest horror movies ever made in India.


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