Movie analysis: Why ‘Awe’ is a mediocre film?

Awe starring Kajal Agarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba, Priyadarshi, Murali Sharma and Avasarala Srinivas. Prashanti and Nani produced the film and Prashant Varma directed it. Awe released worldwide on 16 Feb, 2018. Nani and Ravi Teja gave voice over to the film.




Awe Story:

Awe is a psychological thriller centred around a woman. Kajal Agarwal develops multiple personality disorder due to sexual abuse in childhood. She decides to kill herself as she couldn’t tolerate depression. Rest of the story is about how the filmmakers hide it till climax.



What’s wrong with the film:

Wafer thin plot

At best, Awe is a short film script, which has been dragged heavily to make it into a feature film. The film bores you to death without any plot points. The setting, which supposed to fill 10% – 25% of the film is extended to the entire first half. The first plot point occurs at interval leaving the audience with a hope of some story in second half. Unless audience enjoy knowing about one character at a time like a TV serial, there won’t be anything happening in first half. In fact, the second half is even worse, as it goes without any direction. There is nothing to expect or no stakes at risk. If you know the climax already, then there is nothing interesting in the film. This is the reason why they have hidden everything till release.




Humourless comedy

The comedy is humorless and tests the patience of audience. Everything involving Murali Sharma is boring. As soon as he appears on screen, the film slows down. Although some scenes are funny, overall comedy is of low taste.




Multiple Personality Disorder

The multiple personality disorder is portrayed as mere imagination. The multiple personality disorder in general involves patients to live multiple lives separated from on another by blackouts, or multiple lives coexisting. But it never happens like the patient sits in silence while the other personalities exist in imagination. The story is more like a writer’s block, where the writer is confused about how to end his novel. Moreover all characters are in the writer’s mind, and discussion about multiple endings would have been apt. Even the song in the trailer, ‘Lokame Daagena Naa Lona,’ indicates that the entire story is running in the mind of Kajal Agarwal.



Ignorant critics

The critics of Telugu cinema lack knowledge of world cinema. They consider anything unexpected whether good or bad to be great. The praises we see in many websites and phenomenal ratings are due to their lack of understanding of filmmaking. Many critics even confused between story and screenplay. They liked the story, so they started praising the screenplay. It shows the pathetic condition of Telugu movie criticism. No wonder films like Baahubali received lower rating. In fact, many people didn’t like Awe except a few multiplex audience. Although many critics gave high ratings, it is only to follow the crowd and to present themselves as smart critics who support new wave of Telugu cinema. There is no problem in supporting such films, but people calling themselves critics without basic understanding of films is a threat to Telugu film industry.



Overall, Awe is commendable experiment but a mediocre film. What do you think? Did you like Awe? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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