Annoying clichés in Telugu movies

The Telugu movies are far from real life and the audience no longer expect realistic storytelling from our filmmakers. But there are some clichés which are heavily overused that any film that doesn’t follow them is labelled as an experimental film. The following are some of the most common clichés in Telugu movies:
087 annoying cliches telugu movies

Strong protagonist:

The protagonist in a regular Telugu film should be a strong guy. He sleeps until afternoon, never hits gym, boozes a lot but still can beat tens of bad guys when required. The only exception is the comedy films where things could be a little different. Almost all youngsters follow this path, so that they can have a mass image.

Black and White characters:

The Telugu films generally feature either good guys or bad guys but not someone who does mistakes. The hero is an absolute good guy and the villain is the personification of evil. Anything done by the hero from a robbery to a rape to a murder is justified in the films. They are supposed to be good guys, so any crime they committed should have a valid reason. The regular mass films have the protagonist slaughtering tens of people, and later someone will compare him with Gods to justify the act. The central conflict of such movies will be good vs evil and at the end, the good triumphs.

Family of protagonist:

The protagonist in many Telugu films doesn’t have a family of his own but is not an orphan. This may sound strange but is true. The fabricated characters are seen in many Telugu films. For example, in films like Magadheera and Dhruva, the family of protagonist is never discussed. Chiranjeevi starrer ‘Jagadeka veerudu Athiloka sundari’ was a fabricated story which had its protagonist developed as a padding to the central theme. The kids were involved for the sake of drama. The same formula has been used again in his other films like Anji and Tagore. Apart from that, most other films have the extremely low importance for the family of protagonist unless they create some problem for the advancement of story.

Placement of songs:

The placement of songs is not bad in most of the films and in some films, one or two songs are wrongly placed. But there are several other films which have extremely bad choice for the placement of songs. In some cases, the songs come as a speed breaker for the action or thriller elements. The placement of 5 or 6 songs has become a norm and many filmmakers follow it blindly and shoot the songs even when they are not needed.


The stunts in many Telugu films have become a laughing stock for the audience of several other industries. The stunts are considered a measure of heroism by many filmmakers and the heroes are shown as strong and powerful through stunts. The B and C centre audience enjoy mass elevations and fights, so the stunts are choreographed keeping them in mind.

Point of View:

The point of view is not taken seriously by many filmmakers. It changes several times over the course of the story. The editor and director have to take care of point of view for a flow of narration. Most commercial movies are told from protagonist’s perspective but the perspective changes to third person during flashback episodes or action scenes.

Happy ending:

The happy ending has become the biggest cliché in Telugu films. The audience already know the climax of most of the movies they are watching. The lead pair get married in romantic movies, the hero kills villain in action movies, the families unite in drama films, the villain gets arrested in crime films etc. The happy endings are a norm and most Telugu movies strictly follow it. Not everyone likes sad ending, but there could be much more than just happy and sad endings. The twist endings, multiple endings, ambiguous endings etc have been rarely done in Tollywood. Even in happy endings, they could try something different other than being extremely predictable.
These are not all but are common clichés in Telugu movies. Cross-genre is another cliche which was discussed in another article. The times are changing but we have restricted ourselves to formulaic films by following these clichés. The Telugu cinema could be a lot better than what it is now. The clichés are not just annoying but spoil the mood of the film. The writers should come up with scripts without involving too many of them.

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