Deva Katta talks about Film Critics

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The reviews and ratings play a key role in the commercial box-office performance of a film. The film industry has always shown its double standards toward the review writers. The films that get positive reviews will celebrate the reviews and ratings. The actors and technicians will share and circulate the ratings of popular websites. The PR team will spread the reviews in order to create a positive buzz about the film. But things will be different if a film fails to impress the audience. The review writers give low ratings and poor ratings which will affect the collections. The filmmakers openly attack the review writers calling them tasteless and not worth such films. Some filmmakers made the review writers responsible for the failure of their films. Such double standards are common nowadays.

090 deva katta about film critics

The talented writer and director, Deva Katta, was asked to express his opinion on review writers. He said that the review writers are doing their job in the same manner the filmmakers are doing their job. He further added that just as the filmmakers have the right to make films on a wide range of topics, the review writers have the right to express their opinion. Review writing and critical analysis of films have grown into a business of its own potential and there are many people choosing it as a profession. The review writer is one among the first of the audience and many review writers mention at the bottom that it’s just their opinion. Deva Katta understands the creative liberty of review writers to express their opinion on movies.

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