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Abhimanyudu is the dubbed version of the Tamil film Irumbu Thirai starring Vishal, Arjun, and Samantha in lead roles. Debutant P. S. Mithran directed the film. The Tamil version was already successful. The Telugu dubbed version was released on 1 June 2018.

Abhimanyudu Story Analysis

Karunakar (Vishal), an army major with anger management issues, wants to marry off his sister to her lover. He sells his land and gets a bank loan with forged documents for the money he needed for marriage expenses. The entire amount vanishes from his account within hours. Shocked and upset with the incident, he starts investigating and learns about similar crimes happening all over the nation. The rest of the story is about how Karunakar finds the man operating the network and puts him behind bars.

The story dealing with cybercrimes and information theft is refreshing. At some point, the film explicitly discusses the way we share our personal information and permit apps to retrieve our information. This creates a sense of fear among the audience as most of us never bother to secure our data or care about privacy. The information flow has been well showcased for the audience to easily understand the seriousness of the problem.

The opening sequence could have been better as it doesn’t establish the vastness of the theme. The anger management issues of the protagonist, family problems, and the heroine track are too long to get into the serious plot. The relationship between the protagonist and his father is important for the central theme of the film. The characterization of White Devil is brilliant as an unapologetic hacker exploiting the weakness of people. The protagonist’s interest to settle abroad doesn’t make any sense. The interval twist is brilliant as it gives a sense of depth to the problem.

The second half of the story is intense and it elevated the film. A lot of research and detailing has been done to showcase the network. There are many movies based on cybercrimes earlier but they show as if the crimes are effortlessly done by super-smart criminals at the click of a button. Abhimanyudu shows the entire network with believable scenes which makes it very close to reality.

Abhimanyudu Performances

Vishal is very good in his role. His role is similar to that of his previous movies. There is a lot of confusion in his characterization which limits any scope of performance. Arjun is simply amazing in his role. His performance is an asset to the film and the scenes featuring Vishal and Arjun are gripping. Samantha is good in her role.

Abhimanyudu Technical Analysis

The script is innovative and gives a lot of details by connecting all dots. The production values are very good. The cinematography and editing are decent. The stunts are good and fit very well with the theme of the film. The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is effective. The direction by debutant P. S. Mithran is good but the execution could have been better.


Abhimanyudu has some flaws but it is one of a few films that dare to try something new. This is a new age thriller that leaves an impression.


Director: P.S. Mithran

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